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Forging Ahead!

It is hard to believe that L-INES Photo is embarking on its Fifth Year operating in New York City. We started with a desk at a home office like every entrepreneur in the city. We steadily forged forward through all the great and challenging times!

Ines with Beanie (L-INES' "very concern" security detail) at L-INES' first office.

Did we ever tell you how the name L-INES (should be pronounced as LINES) came about? Years ago, two billboards were on the left and right of Century Blvd by LAX, which read as the following:

Billboard 1 on the left: Looooonngggg Liiiiiiiiiiiiii

Billboard 2 on the right: iiiiiiiiines Suck

Do you see what Ines saw? She immediately read it as "ines suck" at the time and only saw the billboard on the left later. Not very encouraging. But who knew that years later, when she had to decide on the name of her photo studio, the billboard came to mind when combining her last name's initial and her first name. Hence, L-INES was born.

We want to celebrate this special occasion with our brand and website revamp! So we welcome you to have a look and feel free to give us any feedback on how we can improve or drop us a line (pun intended) to say hi! Because we all know it's been a while!

Nonetheless, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, past, present, and future, for having us to be part of the milestones of your project. We firmly believe in collaborations. We truly enjoyed, honored to be working by your side, creating a narrative that supports all the hard work you and your team had invested. So again, thank you for being part of the history of L-INES Photo, and may we see you on your next project!

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