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Photo of the Year | Residential - Large Project Top 10

Inside a sunlit auditorium. Small toddlers are running in front of the stage playing.
APA Award Photo of the Year Top 10 - Ines Leong

I am still in disbelief that I am among the Top 10 Photo of the Year recipients of the 2024 AP Almanac Award. The Herkimer Homes project has been very special, and so were the images produced from it.

The photo competition was held by AP Almanac, a prominent organization in the architectural photography community both domestically and worldwide! It was also my first time entering. Knowing that many "heavy hitters" participate made me a little hesitant. The project's size draws a lot of attention, not to mention the presence of world-renowned photographers and their star-studded clients in the competition pool.

Nonetheless, I decided to go for it, knowing that the photos for this project are somehow different. They're different not only because of the same care and process I put into every single one of my photos but also because the lighting quality of that evening was unexpected. I shifted from rendering my photographic knowledge on "how I think the photo should look" to "how the natural light wanted to be" that particular evening.

In a previous interview with Architizer discussing my photographic process, the title (not of my choosing, but very accurate) was "No Light Is Created Equal." I still find that true, as I know the chances of encountering that soft, gentle glow of the sunset hitting the facade of the building will never be the same. It also reminds me that I am a photographer, and my job is to capture the subject in the best light.

Award or not, I really want to thank all of my clients for entrusting me to document their projects. It is a truly a dream come true that I get to take photos in the built environment for a living. In many ways, it is an honor for me to document the society and contribute to history through the use of photography.

A dusk photo of Herkimer Homes on a Fall evening with soft sunsetting light softly touching the fascade of the building. A mix of warm and cold light make the building glow.

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