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Gantry Point

client: Studios Architecture

Long Island City, New York

Gantry Point is located in the heart of the "Factory District" in Long Island City. It was a two-story office building that was going to be demolished and make way for a brand-new nine-story building. However, Studios Architecture was able to incorporate the existing industrial characteristic and build on up.  

This is perhaps one of our favorite projects to photograph. The trust from Studios Architecture gave us the boost of creativity to explore the light that falls onto the building's exterior and interiors. The roughness but beautiful raw spaces were an extra treat to document. This project's aerial portion also gave us a renewed sense of the connection between Queens and Manhattan. 

Project Scope

Scouting & Preplanning
Two Full Days of Photography, Video, and Drone

Photography by Ines Leong of L-INES Photo

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