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BuzzFeed NYC HQ

client: Studios Architecture

New York, New York

This newly renovated BuzzFeed Headquarterand not only has a colorful palette,  pockets of hang-out spaces, and meetings; it has a freshly built rooftop deck and terrace! It truly glows like a jewel box during the dawn and dusk hours. The view from the rooftop is no joke, as you have an unobstructed view north of Manhattan.

Workspaces can be challenging to photograph, especially people are working in the space. However, we also find joy in photographing actual employees utilizing the area, as their action is more realistic and makes a more compelling image. In addition, while the "sea of desks" can be chaotic, minor tidying up can give the open office some organization in photos.  

Project Scope

Preplanning with floorplans from the client
One Full Day of Photography

Additional Dusk Session

Drone Photography

Photography by Ines Leong of L-INES Photo

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