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817 Broadway

client: Studios Architecture

New York, New York

817 Broadway was built in 1898, celebrating nearly 125 years in the city. This iconic building on Broadway was recently renovated by STUDIOS architecture. The renovation includes reviving some of the stunning ornate details of the façade. In addition, the new lobby features a custom-made neon light installation that presents as the crown to celebrate the building's rebirth.

Being on the streets of New York during the COVID Pandemic was eerily quiet. Even though the pandemic shutdown seems like a long time, we needed to ensure the photos will continue to represent the active and vibrant streets of New York in the coming time. The use of multiple captures of people walking, masking, and combining them in post-production allows us to achieve such result. 

Project Scope

Half-Day  of Photography (Interiors)

Half-Day  of Photography (Exteriors)

Photography by Ines Leong of L-INES Photo

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